How to Choose Among All the Las Vegas Hotels

When you plan a trip to Las Vegas you’ll need a place to stay. Las Vegas is one of the top ten vacation spots in the world. Hotels are more than just a place to sleep, they offer landmark history and amenities for the whole family. You can start your search by determining the location you wish to stay in.


Local or Strip Hotels

Las Vegas is famous for the Las Vegas strip. The strip spans about seven miles from south to north. There’s the main strip, which starts at Hacienda Blvd. and ends a little before Charleston Blvd. Then there is old Las Vegas or downtown Vegas, where the older hotels still attract visitors who like the taste and feel of what Las Vegas was before modernization took over.


Millions of people stay at hotels along the strip, but more visitors are discovering hotels that were only frequented by locals just a few years ago. The local hotels and casinos have gone through renovations that make them viable alternatives to the ever popular strip hotels. Visitors who have stayed at strip hotels find the local hotels a pleasant change of venue. Less congestion, lower prices, and access to more familiar stores and restaurants make local hotels an attractive choice.


If you haven’t experienced staying on the strip, then you probably want to experience this once or twice before venturing off into the local hotels. There are newly remodeled hotels, like the Tropicana, that give you access to all activities on the strip, as well as a tropical outdoors atmosphere, at a reasonable price. At the center of the strip, you will find hotels like Caesars Palace, Ballys, Venetian, Treasure Island, and Paris Hotel/Casino that have all the amenities you need. You are also within walking distance of the mall and a variety of eating establishments.


Staying at a hotel on the strip is about convenience and experience. You can walk just about anywhere, there are overhead walkways connecting most hotels. You can take a tram from one hotel to the next, and the nighttime water shows are spectacular for the whole family.


Choosing a Hotel for an Enjoyable Vacation

Choosing the right hotel basically comes down to budget and amenities. Since visitors have awareness of both strip and local hotels, the price range of hotels in Las Vegas fits most budgets. Seasonality plays an important role in how much rooms cost. During the peak seasons (June, July, August) hotel prices can double compared to the off-peak seasons (January, February, March). Holidays are also a time when hotels raise their prices and local hotels can offer better choices for budget-minded visitors.


As far as amenities, almost all hotels have pools. Where hotels start to distinguish themselves is how lavish their amenities are. Remember the Tropicana hotel mentioned? The pool area is constant to the tropical theme of the hotel. Palm trees, winding waterways fill the landscape for visitors to enjoy as the dry desert breeze relaxes the most stressed out visitors. The kids can ride the waterways on tubes provided by the hotel.


If you stay at the New York, New York hotel, you can ride the coaster that winds in and through the hotel for approximately three minutes. There are also arcades and gaming centers for gamers who enjoy games like Clash Royale.


TimeShare Hotels

Finally, there are good bargains to be had if you search through local timeshares. There are quite a few opportunities for visitors to get really good rooms, at great prices through seasonal timeshare offers. Also in this group are condo developments where investors only stay a few weeks out of the year, then the rest of the time their units are rented out to visitors. These are very nice family condos, where there is no attached casino, and the prices are very reasonable compared to the hotels.


Almost anything an individual, a couple, or a family wants can be found in Las Vegas. Listing down how much you want to spend, what activities and amenities you want beforehand will make finding a Las Vegas Hotel much easier. Keep in mind that seasonality plays an important role in prices and amenities you can use. Pool areas are usually shut down in late October, as the weather becomes much colder.