How Will Kids Enjoy Long Trips?

The younger the kid, the lesser is his or her attention span. Although visiting places is one of the best ways to spend holidays as a family, the question remains: How will kids enjoy long trips?  The following are proven ways to make the most of those family trips become meaningful travel times.

Giving them something to do

Parents must be aware that kids do not always sleep when they travel; thus, we should bring along something they can work on. We can pack along some of their favorite games or puzzles and let enjoy them as much as they would. They can also draw, read or watch their favorite movies on their tablets.

Letting them explore the environment

Delays and transits are often part of the journey. When you find yourself with your kids in transit in an unfamiliar place, be adventurous. Explore and enjoy the sights as well as the foods. This event could turn into a much-needed excursion your kids may have been waiting for.

Allowing them to be creative

You can also let your kids find creative ways to spend their spare time. They can do things on their own. For instance, if you are staying outdoors, they can put up tents or do some cooking by themselves. Being given the freedom to do things on their own would make the trip more memorable.

Making them reflect on life

Showing your kids the differences in peoples, places, and cultures will enrich their experience in life. They will begin to take on a more mature perspective and understanding of the way other people live and behave. Exposing them to different cultures is a lesson they will remember for a lifetime.

Playing with them

Playing will always be a wise option. When kids see their parents play, they will be drawn closer to their parents and will develop a sense of affection and belonging that they would not find elsewhere. After all, the best family vacations are not limited to what you can afford but on how well you have spent each moment together.


Long Transits: How to Keep Kids Occupied

Every parent faces the dilemma of how to keep kids especially the small ones occupied while waiting for the next flight or journey. With so much energy, keeping them still would be next to impossible. Here are simple ways to keep kids occupied during long waits.

Be creative

While preparing for the trip, each family must be armed with card games that will surely keep children glued to their seats. A good variety of games that will arouse their creativity would surely make them sit, think and enjoy playing together. Parents must be on a lookout though should disagreements arise.

Be entertained

Another way of keeping kids occupied is making them entertained. Any form of visual presentation, be it a movie or a reading material, can keep them on one spot until the story ends. This can even be extended when you, as a parent, allow them to discuss and react on the plot, theme or characters of the movie.

Be well-fed

Being physically well gives a feeling of contentment and peace when flying with kids. Keeping your kids well-fed will give them a sense of calmness. Later on, as the parents enjoy their favorite card games, the children could join them and stay as allies on each side.

Feel Rested

How to keep your kids feel rested is a big achievement when traveling haul flights. Just make sure that enough preparation has been made in case some kids would feel sea-sick, which is the worst enemy of traveling. Keep kids in proper clothing and make them sit comfortably in transit areas. You may also allow them to take naps every after meals or any physical activity. In this way, they would feel relaxed and not cranky.

Explore their environment

Finally, there would be no better way of enjoying spare time than exploring the environment. Be attentive to what your kids enjoy the most. You can guide them as you look around shops, exhibits, and museums. You can also try delicacies of the places you visit. Afterward, you can all relax with any card games online to spend your long-haul flights.

Traveling with Kids: 5 Helpful Tips

When vacation comes, the most we can do with this precious time is spend it with family visiting places. Hence, here’s five helpful tips to make traveling with kids stress-free and fulfilling.

Bonding with kids

This is a time to bond with our kids and devote quality time with them. To keep them involved and entertained, we can bring along family card games to play. It would really be fun to just snuggle together in our pajamas and outwit each other on who’s the fastest to form a pattern.

Enjoying the long trips

Sometimes, long trips cannot be avoided. Although these journeys can be spent on sightseeing or sleeping, kids may not always find it fun. Thus, time spent on the road can be divided into short breaks for a picnic, running around in wide open spaces, or simply enjoying the scenery. Obviously, these are moments worth reminiscing when they grow up


Getting enough rest

Traveling with kids especially with younger ones must be arranged so that everybody gets enough rest. During these long trips, the question of how parents can remain energized depends largely on the kind of places we visit. If it’s outdoors, we must look for a hotel or cabin where our kids can safely play while we rest. A good selection of indoor activities from a card games list would be of great help.

Preparing a variety of activities

Children will love to do a variety of activities during vacation. Even during transits, they could do with some fun. We can bring along their favorite cartoon movies and the books we have been wanting them to read. They can also be encouraged to keep a journal and write about the places and experiences we enjoy as a family.

Coming home refreshed

Oftentimes, coming home from long trips can be exhausting. Keeping a variety of card games for kids will still be beneficial. With all their energy still full after being refreshed through rest and leisure, we can extend our bonding at home. We will be surprised at how valuable traveling with kids will turn out to be. Actually, this is one of the best gifts we can give to our kids while they are still young.

How to Choose Among All the Las Vegas Hotels

When you plan a trip to Las Vegas you’ll need a place to stay. Las Vegas is one of the top ten vacation spots in the world. Hotels are more than just a place to sleep, they offer landmark history and amenities for the whole family. You can start your search by determining the location you wish to stay in.


Local or Strip Hotels

Las Vegas is famous for the Las Vegas strip. The strip spans about seven miles from south to north. There’s the main strip, which starts at Hacienda Blvd. and ends a little before Charleston Blvd. Then there is old Las Vegas or downtown Vegas, where the older hotels still attract visitors who like the taste and feel of what Las Vegas was before modernization took over.


Millions of people stay at hotels along the strip, but more visitors are discovering hotels that were only frequented by locals just a few years ago. The local hotels and casinos have gone through renovations that make them viable alternatives to the ever popular strip hotels. Visitors who have stayed at strip hotels find the local hotels a pleasant change of venue. Less congestion, lower prices, and access to more familiar stores and restaurants make local hotels an attractive choice.


If you haven’t experienced staying on the strip, then you probably want to experience this once or twice before venturing off into the local hotels. There are newly remodeled hotels, like the Tropicana, that give you access to all activities on the strip, as well as a tropical outdoors atmosphere, at a reasonable price. At the center of the strip, you will find hotels like Caesars Palace, Ballys, Venetian, Treasure Island, and Paris Hotel/Casino that have all the amenities you need. You are also within walking distance of the mall and a variety of eating establishments.


Staying at a hotel on the strip is about convenience and experience. You can walk just about anywhere, there are overhead walkways connecting most hotels. You can take a tram from one hotel to the next, and the nighttime water shows are spectacular for the whole family.


Choosing a Hotel for an Enjoyable Vacation

Choosing the right hotel basically comes down to budget and amenities. Since visitors have awareness of both strip and local hotels, the price range of hotels in Las Vegas fits most budgets. Seasonality plays an important role in how much rooms cost. During the peak seasons (June, July, August) hotel prices can double compared to the off-peak seasons (January, February, March). Holidays are also a time when hotels raise their prices and local hotels can offer better choices for budget-minded visitors.


As far as amenities, almost all hotels have pools. Where hotels start to distinguish themselves is how lavish their amenities are. Remember the Tropicana hotel mentioned? The pool area is constant to the tropical theme of the hotel. Palm trees, winding waterways fill the landscape for visitors to enjoy as the dry desert breeze relaxes the most stressed out visitors. The kids can ride the waterways on tubes provided by the hotel.


If you stay at the New York, New York hotel, you can ride the coaster that winds in and through the hotel for approximately three minutes. There are also arcades and gaming centers for gamers who enjoy games like Clash Royale.


TimeShare Hotels

Finally, there are good bargains to be had if you search through local timeshares. There are quite a few opportunities for visitors to get really good rooms, at great prices through seasonal timeshare offers. Also in this group are condo developments where investors only stay a few weeks out of the year, then the rest of the time their units are rented out to visitors. These are very nice family condos, where there is no attached casino, and the prices are very reasonable compared to the hotels.


Almost anything an individual, a couple, or a family wants can be found in Las Vegas. Listing down how much you want to spend, what activities and amenities you want beforehand will make finding a Las Vegas Hotel much easier. Keep in mind that seasonality plays an important role in prices and amenities you can use. Pool areas are usually shut down in late October, as the weather becomes much colder.


Top Caribbean Family Vacations | Sun, Sea, Beaches

A family vacation is a trip that should be remembered for life. During these trips, the family bonds in a way that isn’t possible during the hum-drum existence of everyday life. A family trip should be exciting and filled with opportunities to bond and see new things. The most memorable trips are when the family moves out of the comfort zone and into areas that might seem unique. The Caribbean, that mysterious place of pirates and history, is fits the bill. Here are three different areas in the Caribbean that should delight all members of the family in one way or another.


Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

This beautiful area in this small country is a lost treasure in the Caribbean area. The name is means Tip of the White Palm and there are many palm trees on display. With over twenty miles of beach, these palm trees line the area like stands on a football field. There are over 30 resorts to choose from and also a wide selection of price and location. With most packages, drinks and activities will be included. There are traditional activities like golf and a great nightlife, but the beach is where the tourists like it the most. There are so many beaches here that it isn’t hard to find a fairly secluded spot for the family to spend an afternoon or an evening, just having fun playing on the sand or sitting around listening to the waves.



When people think of the Caribbean, it is hard not to think of Jamaica. This beautiful island has a mysterious air that harkens back to the days of pirates and swashbuckling. When a family decides to go to this island for a visit, there are many activities they can participate in. The island is full of long beaches that encourage swimming and sailing. With majestic views outside of the beaches, family members can also go horseback riding and hiking among the waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. You won’t even miss your phone and your favorite Clash of Clans game! Another attraction are the historical ports and caves that once housed the most notorious pirate gangs. These historical areas combine with the beautiful beaches and modern city life for a vacation that all members will remember.


St. John’s in the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is a United States territory that people often forget. That is unfortunate because no US Citizen needs a passport to visit this paradise. St. John’s is one of the best places to visit and boasts many great attractions for the family. The city has been around since the height of the historical Caribbean, so it has a lot of history within. This five hundred year old city has a downtown that is both historic and modern, showing off the best of the old world and the new. There are many beaches around St. John’s for those that just want to lay out and enjoy the weather. Hiking trails abound and family members can enjoy nature just outside the reach of civilization. St. John’s isn’t always the first destination that many think of but it is one of the jewels of the Caribbean.


What Are Good Family Cruise Vacations?

If you are looking for family vacation, why not take a cruise? The best part about selecting a cruise line is that your kids will have a lot of choices when it comes to activities! Everything you need is on the ship, and you get to visit exciting ports. Almost all cruise lines have activities catered for kids to enjoy. There are family activities such as deck parties, live shows and swimming pools.


Take the time to plan your cruise by searching for the best deals on the Internet. If you consider a cruise ship that includes food and accommodations, you will be able to get a more value-for-money deal since most of your expenses will be covered. However, you must budget for shore excursions since those costs extra money. When you reach a new destination, most cruise lines give you time to explore the region. If you are going to a foreign country, take precautions while eating at restaurants. Not all countries have safe drinking water. You won’t want to go running down the cruise ship corridor to the toilet like Jake in Subway Surfers!


The Internet makes it easy to compare cruise line prices. Some packages include airfare while others do not. Choose a destination where your kids can have a good time. Tropical destinations offer snorkeling, swimming in scuba diving which most kids enjoy. Take precautions to prevent sunburn while participating in water activities. Most exotic ports of call also offer parasailing, boating and deep-sea fishing. There is definitely an activity that will suit the whole family.


If you will be flying with kids to your cruise, then you will need to bring a few games and activities to keep them occupied while in flight. Bring a few healthy snacks such as nuts, popcorn or granola bars. Most airlines will serve soft drinks or juice to kids. Choose a flight that matches your child’s bedtime if possible. Else, you may have to spend the night in a local hotel before your cruise disembarks. Thus letting your kids sleep on the plane may be worth it.


Do not forget to pack required travel documentation for every port of call. Check the weather for your destination to ensure you pack appropriate clothing. Most cruise lines will offer transportation service between the airport and the pier. However, expect to pay more for this service. Make sure you know the liquor and beverage policy for the cruise line. Not all cruise lines have the same policies. Check to see if the cruise line has a kids club on board. Some cruise lines even have babysitting services so parents can enjoy some alone time.


Most shore excursions will require advance reservations. Choose excursions that will keep your kids happy and entertained. If you are going to spend the day at museums that require a lot of walking, make sure there are strollers for rent. Young children may become tired and bored with a day at the museum. Choose age-appropriate activities so everyone will have a good time. Find out if passports are required before you book your vacation. If you do not have a passport, you can take several weeks. Your kids will also need a passport. Choosing a cruise is the perfect place to spend time with family.


The Intriguing History of Loews Don CeSar Hotel

Loews Don CeSar Hotel is also referred to as the pink palace, and is located within the St. Petersburg area. The hotel offers visitors a lovely water view and is equipped with luxurious, modern and classic amenities. Sited on the St. Pete beach, this iconic hotel is one of the signature pink resorts in the area. The hotel was built way back in 1928, and still remains one of the remarkable landmarks located on the Gulf Coast. This is attributed to its ornate architecture and distinctive color. More importantly, maritime charts have made the hotel a point of reference.


The hotel has approximately 277 luxurious rooms, which includes 40 suites. It also provides an excellent view of the Boca Ciega Bay or the Gulf of Mexico. One of the most outstanding features about this hotel is that the National Archives has listed it as a historical monument, while the National Register of Historic Places lists it among the North America Historic Hotels. In addition, for over 30 successive years, the Don has received the AAA’s Four-Diamond award. If you try using keyword tools on the hotel to find the cheapest cost, it’s possible! Sometimes they don’t always “rent” out the hotel rooms on the website… until you chance upon some hidden rooms that can be used!


The Don attracted the biggest stars of that era after opening up its doors. Some renowned people who visited the hotel include Al Capone, FDR and Scott Fitzgerald. The hotel survived the Great Depression after the signing of a three year spring training contract with the New York Yankees. The cash paid by the Yankees helped in keeping the Don afloat while other businesses were going down due to the harsh economic times. The hotel also survived the Second World War after it was converted into a hospital to cater for the soldiers returning from war with injuries. It was later on turned into a convalescent center for the Air Force.


The changing faces of the hotel makes it very famous in the history of America. There are also stories about the sighting of ghosts within the facility, which are mainly associated with the conversion into a hospital during war. The hotel had deteriorated severely in 969 and remained in this condition up to the early 1970s. It was closed for renovations that cost $7.5-million and reopened in 1973. Over the years, the hotel has received numerous facelifts to maintain its beauty and elegance. The hotel celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2003 and continues to offer guests excellent services that can be traced back to the late 1920s.


Don has a Spa Oceana that is about 11,000-square-foot, which offers salon treatments, in addition to the full spa menu. It is also equipped with a rooftop garden that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, as well as a Whispers Room. All these facilities aim at ensuring visitors relax and feel rejuvenated whether they were booked for an evening, a day, or a full holiday. The hotel also has an enchanting beachfront pool that creates a sense of serenity and calm. Visitors should consider sampling the Maritana Grile, which is a unique meal that combines organic and local seafood ingredients. The meals are prepared by experts and will definitely excite the taste buds. The décor of the hotel features huge salty water aquariums that are filled with various colorful Florida native fish.


Don CeSar is one of the top choices for visitors to Florida. Make this legendary Pink Palace your next rest stop when you travel to the Gulf Coast and have a relaxing good time here.

Tips for Planning a Farm Stay Vacation / Getaway

Traveling and experiencing a different side of life can be an extremely enriching and rewarding experience. In the United States, more families each year are trying out farming vacations where they stay in a farm house and get to experience farm life in very real way, instead of decorating your virtual garden in Gardenscapes behind your PC. You have the opportunity to experience a new side of life while leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind.


If you haven’t planned a vacation like this before, the task can be a bit intimidating. If this a vacation destination that you’d like to try, here are some tips for planning your farm vacation.


There are three major types of farm vacations:

The educational farming experience: This is where your family will learn to milk cows, make cheese, take a start your own farm course or other activities.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) style getaway: This is for the family that’s more interested in resting and relaxing while soaking in the ambiance.

Farm vacation with outdoor activities: This one is where you get to participate in outdoor activities like hunting or fishing.


One good thing to note: These locales are generally working farms where the owners use the vacation aspect as an additional stream of income. The land may be used for growing crops, raising livestock, horses, and a host of other uses. The living conditions can extremely rustic or a much more modernized stay, depending on what the farm has to offer.


How to find a farm

The easiest way to find different farm destination spots in the United States is to search the internet. Use keywords like family, farm, harvesting, other possible activities and of course the different experiences listed above. You can learn more about each options and where farms that have this opportunity are available.

If you have a specific state in mind, you can visit the state’s Farmstay Association website to gather more information. For example in Pennsylvania there is the PA Farm Vacation website. This site has several options to make the planning process smoother. You can compare each farm by category to see which one has what you’re looking for. These categories are:

  • What kind of dwelling (cabin, house, suite)

  • Number of Rooms Available

  • A/C available

  • Private Bath

  • Internet availability

  • Handicap Accessibility

  • Farm Type

  • Farm Animals in the Farmstay

  • Horseback Riding Experience

  • Swimming Facilities

  • Group Events

  • Campfire Nights

  • Hunting / Fishing Opportunities

  • Are pets welcomed to the Farmstay


The site also provides a list on the farms which are available on your intended travel period. Read up on the Do’s and Don’ts list such as do bring weather appropriate clothing and don’t bring a pet without asking the farm owners first.


International farm stays

Want to take this on an international level? Start with conducting an internet search for farm vacation destination options. Europe and Australia are both very popular options. This will give you an opportunity to find out about a different country and culture on a local level. The same type of rules as above applies.


Minimizing costs

If cost is an issue, there’s another option. It is possible to book a farm stay for free. The nonprofit organization World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms connects travelers with ranches, farms, and vineyards in 98 countries including the United States that allow guests to work in exchange for free room and board.


Children and Farmstays

Bringing your children can be an option, but you would have to discuss it on a farm by farm basis. Try to gauge if the experience is right for your family. Is your child too young to enjoy the experience? Will there be other children there? Will they respect the animals, and stay away from the dangerous places that are off-limits for kids?


There you have it, tips for planning a farm stay vacation. Hopefully, this article took some of the mystery out of choosing the farm getaway that’s right for you. So what are you waiting for? Start planning for your next getaway!

Visit Sausalito, San Francisco, your Next Best Travel Destination for a unique Homestay

In San Francisco, there is a town named Sausalito where the people there have adopted a new housing style that is out of the ordinary. These people live in floating homes that add up to 400 with all the basic necessities that are found in the usual homes. With cable television as well as sewage systems, the inhabitants of the floating homes lead lives that are similar to those of those who live on solid land.

Living on the floating homes is an expensive venture and these homes go for a lot more than the ones on the land. There is extra maintenance that is required to be able to keep the houses in good shape due to the weather conditions that make them more vulnerable to the elements. They require constant upgrading as well as a more regular coat of paint so as to remain in good shape over time.

The people who choose to live on the floating homes do it more as a life choice since not everyone would be comfortable living there. It is an awesome experience living in the midst of nature with a view of the most natural scenes all around. Several units are put up every year and there is no shortage of people who wish to take them up. Living on the floating homes is more of a choice lifestyle and it comes with its own challenges as well.

At certain times of the year the people who live on the mainland will take a guided tour around the floating homes and are treated to art shows among other unique treats. The visitors are taken round the homes and learn all they need to know about living on the waterfront. This is quite an experience similar to the bubbly community of the 1800’s when shipbuilders and other folks resided on different kinds of boats easily fastened in San Francisco Bay.

The Sausalito homes are now more organized with all the modern utilities adding up to the experience of living on water. This goes for a very exciting way of life and is quite an envy of most land dwellers. Complete with parking bays for the residents on the private docks, the floating homes can be viewed from the mainland even though the whole stretch of homes may not be seen.

Those who do not have the chance to live there can get a chance to have a feel of the floating homes by renting the houses that are on offer for rent. This offers one a chance to be able to experience life on the floating homes albeit for a short period of time. The experience of watching nature from the home and the life that goes on uninterrupted amidst other creatures that live in the water is quite an experience in itself. This is the reason that many of the people who live there would not imagine living anywhere else out of the place.


This is a major attraction for people from all over the US all who desire to find out how it is like living afloat of water. It is for this reason that the annual fairs whereby visitors book to go around the homes take place to be able to gratify the curiosity of those who cannot otherwise imagine how life is like living on floating homes.

The community of people who live in the floating homes is one close knit society since they share so much together and lean towards being nature lovers with common interests. Aside of the usual tragedies such as fires that befall the people living on land, the floating homes are a great idea of people living in tune with nature and in harmony. It is for this reason that more and more people desire to take up the units that are put up every year.

The whole idea of floating homes is a very innovative one and still holds some mystery for some. Anyone who has not been to the floating homes of Sausalito cannot even begin to imagine how they look as well as how the people who live there are able to bear the feel of floating on water as a way of life.

Having your own Vacation Home

The housing market in the United States is finally on the rebound. Sales for primary residences are increasing and sales of second homes are also on the rise. There has been a recent focus on the market of the multi-purpose use of second homes. Second homes are used primarily as vacation homes. However, second homes also help homeowners with their businesses. Many business people find second homes to be a great place to generate new business ideas and find new inspirations. It is also a to-go place for entertainment and building deeper relationships with business contacts. Kids can also have a great time playing their favorite video games, far away from their piles of books.

The first reason homeowners should consider buying a second home is to have a designed vacation house and location. With a designated vacation destination, homeowners take the time to build more vacation time into their schedules. No one wants to own a home they do not use! When you own your vacation home, you are able to personalize your vacation home to your needs. You can create a custom kitchen that has all the appliances and tools you need to relax. You can create custom areas that fit your needs, such as glass sunrooms, libraries and spacious outdoor pools. Every time you go on vacation, you know that your relaxation needs will be meet.

The second reason homeowners should buy a vacation home is because many business people find them to be great places to generate new business ideas. Sometimes while living our day-to-day lives, we become busy and consumed with checking off our to do list and do not take time to stop and relax. Vacation homes allow business people the opportunity to stop, relax and reflect. The relaxing environment of a vacation home allows new ideas to flourish. Many successful business people find vacation homes to be the source of new ideas and products for their companies.


Third, vacation homes offer a relaxing environment to host, entertain and build deeper connections with business contacts. Everyone enjoys being able to take a vacation. When you buy a large vacation home with plenty of extra relaxing bedrooms and beautiful bathrooms, it allows you to invite business contacts to take a vacation with you. Just as a vacation home helps homeowners find new inspiration, it will help guests find new inspiration and ideas as well. Have a relaxing time with a cup of wine on the patio after a great dinner, or while out golfing on the nearby golf course together. Everyone can leave the vacation both invigorated and full of new ideas to put to work.

Lastly, kids can have a great time at the vacation homes too! It will be a child’s heaven to have a room filled with gaming consoles and computers for them to play their favorite Mobile Legends game. Vacation homes can be your most convenient travel destination with everything carefully designed to suit your needs and liking. You can also save the time packing luggages since all the items that you and your family will need for the trip is already available at the vacation home.

With vacation homes being the multi-purpose destinations for homeowners, don’t they seem like the best investment option for all? It’s a place where you can relax, generate new business ideas and entertain and build important relationships with business contacts. Don’t discount the value that comes with owning a second home.