Long Transits: How to Keep Kids Occupied

Every parent faces the dilemma of how to keep kids especially the small ones occupied while waiting for the next flight or journey. With so much energy, keeping them still would be next to impossible. Here are simple ways to keep kids occupied during long waits.

Be creative

While preparing for the trip, each family must be armed with card games that will surely keep children glued to their seats. A good variety of games that will arouse their creativity would surely make them sit, think and enjoy playing together. Parents must be on a lookout though should disagreements arise.

Be entertained

Another way of keeping kids occupied is making them entertained. Any form of visual presentation, be it a movie or a reading material, can keep them on one spot until the story ends. This can even be extended when you, as a parent, allow them to discuss and react on the plot, theme or characters of the movie.

Be well-fed

Being physically well gives a feeling of contentment and peace when flying with kids. Keeping your kids well-fed will give them a sense of calmness. Later on, as the parents enjoy their favorite card games, the children could join them and stay as allies on each side.

Feel Rested

How to keep your kids feel rested is a big achievement when traveling haul flights. Just make sure that enough preparation has been made in case some kids would feel sea-sick, which is the worst enemy of traveling. Keep kids in proper clothing and make them sit comfortably in transit areas. You may also allow them to take naps every after meals or any physical activity. In this way, they would feel relaxed and not cranky.

Explore their environment

Finally, there would be no better way of enjoying spare time than exploring the environment. Be attentive to what your kids enjoy the most. You can guide them as you look around shops, exhibits, and museums. You can also try delicacies of the places you visit. Afterward, you can all relax with any card games online to spend your long-haul flights.