Top Caribbean Family Vacations | Sun, Sea, Beaches

A family vacation is a trip that should be remembered for life. During these trips, the family bonds in a way that isn’t possible during the hum-drum existence of everyday life. A family trip should be exciting and filled with opportunities to bond and see new things. The most memorable trips are when the family moves out of the comfort zone and into areas that might seem unique. The Caribbean, that mysterious place of pirates and history, is fits the bill. Here are three different areas in the Caribbean that should delight all members of the family in one way or another.


Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

This beautiful area in this small country is a lost treasure in the Caribbean area. The name is means Tip of the White Palm and there are many palm trees on display. With over twenty miles of beach, these palm trees line the area like stands on a football field. There are over 30 resorts to choose from and also a wide selection of price and location. With most packages, drinks and activities will be included. There are traditional activities like golf and a great nightlife, but the beach is where the tourists like it the most. There are so many beaches here that it isn’t hard to find a fairly secluded spot for the family to spend an afternoon or an evening, just having fun playing on the sand or sitting around listening to the waves.



When people think of the Caribbean, it is hard not to think of Jamaica. This beautiful island has a mysterious air that harkens back to the days of pirates and swashbuckling. When a family decides to go to this island for a visit, there are many activities they can participate in. The island is full of long beaches that encourage swimming and sailing. With majestic views outside of the beaches, family members can also go horseback riding and hiking among the waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. You won’t even miss your phone and your favorite Clash of Clans game! Another attraction are the historical ports and caves that once housed the most notorious pirate gangs. These historical areas combine with the beautiful beaches and modern city life for a vacation that all members will remember.


St. John’s in the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is a United States territory that people often forget. That is unfortunate because no US Citizen needs a passport to visit this paradise. St. John’s is one of the best places to visit and boasts many great attractions for the family. The city has been around since the height of the historical Caribbean, so it has a lot of history within. This five hundred year old city has a downtown that is both historic and modern, showing off the best of the old world and the new. There are many beaches around St. John’s for those that just want to lay out and enjoy the weather. Hiking trails abound and family members can enjoy nature just outside the reach of civilization. St. John’s isn’t always the first destination that many think of but it is one of the jewels of the Caribbean.